IAM Local Lodge 1731

Members of Cleveland and Columbus

District Election

I understand we have all been going through some very trying times these last few months, since the Company made their decision to Reduce Cleveland. It has been my goal as a District Officer and Cleveland Committee Chairman to make sure that everyone understood all the options available to them through this Reduction in Force (RIF). This week a number of us will have to make the decision on whether to take a system option or except furlough. I want to assure everyone I am available at anytime to answer questions you may have.

I want to also remind everyone on JUNE 4, 2014, we will be holding election for a number of District Officers. These positions are the leadership of our branch of the Union. I would also like to remind everyone Above the Wing, this is an election you are eligible to vote in as of April 1, 2014. This is a very important election for all of us no matter what decisions we have made for ourselves over the past several months. I encourage everyone to please research the candidates that are running for these positions. You can find out about the candidates running that currently hold most of these positions at 141rising.org.

People will be eligible to vote absentee in this election if they meet the following criteria:

I reside more than 25 miles from the designated polling place


I am confined due to a verified illness


I will be on


Valid only for active employees.


I will be on official IAM business


I will be on an employer travel assignment

You may find a request form for an absentee ballot at 141Rising.org. These requests must be postmarked by May 4, 2014. The address for requests for Cleveland is:

LOCAL 1731

Recording Secretary, P.O Box 81560, Cleveland, OH 44181

I caution people to please do their research before voting in this election. There is a group of people among us that will ask you to vote against a group just because they are currently in office. These people have no idea who currently holds these positions or who is running for the position. One of the persons who nominated a slate of candidates at a meeting a couple of months ago admitted to me afterwards that they actually only knew one of the candidates that they nominated. By the way I nominated the other slate, and know everyone on both slates. There are people running for these positions that have never even served as a steward in their present locations. It is a fact that many of the candidates on one slate have never even met each other in person. Their only interaction with each other is through Facebook. This is why I ask that everyone do their due diligence and research the candidates prior to voting.

Please contact me whether you have questions on the RIF or the upcoming elections.


Bill Pizzuli
District 141 Trustee
LL 1731 Committee Chair CLE

Updated: April 23, 2014 — 4:58 pm